Security Assessment

Todays' organizations connect business critical information systems to suppliers and customers to improve efficiency. The phenomenon exposes the organizations to risk of being attacked by malicious actors across the globe. Our security assessment services enables the organizations to improve security of business critical information systems by uncovering security flaws before the adversaries do. We have a spectrum of bespoke security assessment services to meet the security requirements of your organization.

  • Vulnerability Scanning: Automated scanning of the infrastructure and applications by state-of-the-art tools and verification by our security experts.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Combination of automated testing and manual by our security experts testing to uncover the vulnerabilities in the infrastructure and application.
  • Penetration Testing: Goal oriented security assessment simulating cyber attacks to assess the security posture of the target environment and to determine impact of cyber intrusions to the organizations.
  • Web Application Security Assessment: Special security assessment dedicated to uncover security flaws in web application such as injections, session management, sensitive information exposure, privilege escalations and more.
  • Mobile Application Security Assessment: Special security assessment dedicated to uncover security flaws in mobile application such as weak server side controls, insecure data storage, insecure transport layer protection and more.

Security Infrastructure & Solutions

Building a secure and resilient IT infrastructure requires not only the understanding of organization’s business strategies but also demands expertise in IT and cyber security. Our team of experts work closely with the clients to design, build and operate resilient IT infrastructure that align with the organizations’ business strategies.

We partnered with leading names in the security products and solutions to bring state-of-the-art technologies to our clients. At the same time, we design and build vendor agnostic IT infrastructure and security solutions to maximize values for our clients. Our solutions are be spoke and tailored to maximize the return for clients’ IT investments.

Security Awareness Trainings

Humans are known to be one of the weakest layers in line of defense against cyber attacks. For the organizations to be secure and resilient, it is vital to ensure that employees are well informed about the current cyber threats and attacks. Our information security awareness and training programs are designed to equip organizations’ personnel with essential knowledge required to reduce risks. For maximum effectiveness, our security awareness programs’ contents and delivery methods are tailored for different types of audience ranging from senior executives to operational staff.

Governance, Risks and Compliance (GRC) Solutions

IT best practice and governance frameworks facilitate organizations to align IT services with business strategies. Risk management frameworks provide organizations a systematic approach to manage risk. We provide consultation services for organizations to establish standard practices to prepare for compliance. Our service offerings are crafted based on globally practiced cyber security and risk management frameworks to enable organizations to align cybersecurity investments with industrial, legal, regulatory, standards and frameworks.